When you’re away,
I watch Hitchcock, his characters
Like fine china, looking collected but really cracked.
Scottie and Norman have a bad rap –
So, too, those birds – they only wanted contact.
Without you here,
Your toothbrush stiffens to teal cake
While your clothes hang limply in the closet
I find a cuff-link in the beige carpet
It made a matching pair but one’s lost now.
When you’re away,
A whole pot of coffee depresses me
The same is true of the half-made bed
A neighbor’s baby wails
But I have my own crib to decry
Won’t someone change this diaper?
Without you near me,
The gin won’t stay in its green bottle
Because your hand can’t remain in mine
And I use temporal tricks to kill time
“The day after tomorrow” or “Five nights left.”
But time never consoles and the hands on clocks
Might as well wear boxing gloves.
– Breckenridge, Colorado
July 2011.